The Brand: From all the corners of South Africa, packed to the highest standards, only the best quality fresh fruit and vegetables is good enough for the Freshgold brand. This is why we have a well established reputation as market leaders and have been associated with top quality produce by both our producers and our clients. With our world class service, we want every customer to be perfectly satisfied. We want you to “taste the sunshine”.

Vision: To become a preferred supplier of fresh produce worldwide and remain the leading fresh produce traders in South Africa.

Mission : In a professional manner Freshgold wants to offer its suppliers great service and its clients top quality produce. In order to obtain sustainable growth and profitability, Freshgold will endeavour to supply all the different sectors locally and internationally. Freshgold will embark on this mission by committing itself to social responsibility, economic justifiable cooperation, the furthering of the general well-being and defense of producers and the improvement of the Fresh produce industry in general.

The Future: Freshgold’s competitive advantage springs from a number of characteristics. The company treasures these characteristics and aims to retain and improve on them at all cost. These characteristics are:

• Grower shareholding.
• A strong trading base.
• Offer fixed prices on products rather than consignment.
• Well established brand.
• Strong African trading arm.
• Do a wide range of fresh products.
• An experienced team each of whom is target market focused.
• Work on smaller margins.
• Positive image amongst the supply base.

In a volatile market, Freshgold’s challenge lies in obtaining new suppliers and clients, whilst continuing to deliver satisfactory service to its suppliers and supplying top quality produce to its clients. The only manner in which to achieve this is by being at the forefront of technological advance, attracting and retaining quality staff and being able to read and predict market shifts accurately. This will ensure our brand grows worldwide and truly establish itself as the trusted home of South African fresh produce.

Sustainability: Freshgold accepts its supply base practices GAP (Good Agricultural Practices). Freshgold obtain Global Gap certificates from all its suppliers and provide them if required to its receivers. Spray records are also obtained if required. Freshgold has a dedicated technical team that travels to both cold stores and pack stores to ensure that food safety is ensured with all the products that is packed.