No business can flourish without ploughing back into the community. Freshgold acknowledges this and has therefore embarked on various orientated ventures.


Supporting Schools

Freshgold is the proud sponsor of the U/15A and U/15B rugby teams of the Boland Agricultural school. Boland Agricultural school provides education to those students who will eventually enter into the fruit production and export industry.

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Freshgold also annually sponsors the Vyeboom Christian Private School golf day as a means of acknowledging the talented youth in our communities.

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Amado is a registered non- profit organization who strives to inspire and lift young and old with special needs back into the saddle of life, with the healing power of horses. Horseback-riding offers a new visual perspective of the world. It encourages independence and the control of one’s own destiny.

Therapeutic riding offers physical, emotional and cognitive rewards. Individuals with mobility impairments benefit from the three-dimensional gait of riding, which closely simulates human walking movements. This strengthens the core, improves flexibility and increases the ability to move independently.

Emotional and cognitive capacity is enhanced by an increase in self-control, patience and concentration as they learn to guide the therapy horse. By succeeding at the task, the rider’s self-esteem rockets.
̽When a child pleads with her abuser to stop, he does not listen. But when she whispers “stop” into the ear of a 400kg horse, he listens. And the little girl grows strong!

Please visit their website:

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